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Oh Snap Badge Reel

Oh Snap Badge Reel

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Vinyl Color

Oh Snap Ortho Badge Reel. Great for Surgical Nurses and Techs, Orthopedic Staff and Doctors.

Perfect for anyone who wears a badge and would make a cute gift for your best friend or coworker!!

Background is silver glitter, a variety of vinyl colors are available for the lettering on the front. Item is 2" wide and attached to your choice of an Alligator Swivel Clip, Slide On Badge Reel or Lanyard with a low profile self-fastener. The badge reels retract up to 34”. The lanyard provides a breakaway feature, but has a firm enough grip to prevent the lanyard from snapping apart when the reel is being used. Beads are optional on the Alligator and Slide On Reels only.

The toppers are easy to switch out!! The face plate only option is available so you can easily switch out the topper without changing the whole badge reel. This option does not include the badge reel, but includes the low profile self-fastener on the back. Magnets are great for your refrigerator, locker, etc. They are adhered to the back of the face plate and are very strong.


Handmade with acrylic, glitter on the back and vinyl on the front. Both sides are then sealed with resin for cleanliness and durability.

Care Instructions

1. Avoid knocking acrylic piece on any hard surfaces or dropping from a high altitude
2. Do not use alcohol to clean
3. Avoid prolonged exposure to heat and water


Please remember that each item is handmade when you order it, because of this we cannot guarantee that each item will be completely identical to the image shown. We take great care to make sure your final product is as close to the displayed image as possible, but each product will be custom made just for you!

{REFUNDS} Because each item is made custom, I do not accept refunds or exchanges. However, if there is a problem with your order, please send me a message.

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